GutHealthCourse_16As we all know as parents of kids with gut health issues, gut health seriously affects overall health and wellbeing and is really the key to a healthy child or adult. Thankfully the rest of the world is finally catching up to this mentality and Kids Health are now offering The Kids Gut Health Masterclass which will educate parents all about gut health.
This course,¬†written by an impressive line-up of gastroenterologists, nutritionists, dieticians and naturopaths will give you an education on gut health, information on diets, allergies and intolerances and hundreds of gut-friendly recipes for sensitive tummies. You can find out more information about the course here. Kids Health have kindly given all members of RISA a $50 discount which you can redeem at the checkout. Use the code risakidshealth to get $50 off. They are also giving a small donation to RISA to help our research. If you’d like to sign up click here.