1. Sarah & Harrison’s Story

    Sarah & Harrison’s Story

    I have two little boys who mean the world to both my husband and I, they are our everything and yes this sounds clichéd but I cannot imagine our life without them. They are both our little IVF miracles and we still can’t believe just how lucky we are.

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  2. Janet & Charlie’s Story

    Janet & Charlie’s Story

    Charlie arrived at 31.2 weeks weighing in at 1.3kg. His parents were a 17 year old girl and 15 year old boy. Charlie was born with haemolytic influenza (a type of bacteria). By 3 weeks of age he started taking...

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  3. Jess and Belle’s story – from 2009!

    Like most new Mums, I did everything possible during my pregnancy to ensure that Arabella was healthy. I stopped using products containing chemicals, trekked through the city in my lunch break to go to Pilates, didn’t eat anything on the...

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  4. Infant Reflux and Post Natal Depression (PND) – a personal story

    Infant Reflux and Post Natal Depression (PND) – a personal story

    A few things in the past few weeks have prompted me to share this part of my story. The story of my child's journey with reflux is published elsewhere on this website and I am aware that most of the time our personal stories focus on the child. This one focuses on me. My daughter had a rough, rough ride. No doubt about it. But the impact on me was also tremendous. Most reflux mums know what I mean.

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  5. Erin and Oliver’s story

    Erin and Oliver’s story

    Oliver is our second child, a sister to Ella (you can also read about her story). I was terrified that Oliver would have reflux, as we had gone through such a hard time with Ella. The decision even to have him was tough, as Ella was still suffering and we still weren’t getting much sleep. However, I told myself that if we waited until Ella was sleeping well, then we could be waiting years, so along came Oliver.

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