The impact of Reflux on families

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is so common it can be seen as ‘normal’, or even trivial, and people often do not understand how difficult life can be for many families, or understand the impact reflux can have on their lives! They may think of it erroneously as ‘just a bit of vomiting’, or ‘just a behavioural issue’. They don’t see that it can impact on the child and family in many ways. Not only can reflux affect a child’s eating, sleeping, growth, behaviour or quality of life, it can also affect relationships between partners and other children, the family’s quality of life, their finances and even their leisure time. The truth is, only families who have experienced it firsthand really understand.

Reflux and feeding

Many people are not aware that a Speech Pathologist may be able to help when their baby or toddler is difficult to feed, having difficulties chewing, food refusing or is a fussy eater. Often babies or toddlers with reflux will have difficulties related to eating. Very early on, babies with reflux associate eating with pain and discomfort and begin to fuss or even completely refuse feeds.

Reflux Reality contributors

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