1. GORD and babywearing

    Managing babies with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease can be extremely challenging, not least because these babies want to be carried and comforted because they are in pain. Babywearing is just one tactic in helping to manage both the baby, your own household and any other kids you might have running around. And it provides another option to help you get out of the house.

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  2. Exposure to tobacco smoke

    Lifestyle changes can help reduce reflux, and an important strategy is that infants or children of any age completely avoid exposure to tobacco smoke. This includes addressing an older child’s exposure where possible.

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  3. Hints for traveling in the car

    Be aware of your child’s position in the seat as baby capsules and some car seats can cause pressure in the stomach area. Keep an eye on your infant or child over longer journeys to ensure correct positioning in the car seat.

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