The Positive Impact of Comforting your Difficult to Settle Baby

We wanted to tell you about a wonderful article drawn to our attention by one of our lovely RISA members, titled My Baby Cries Too by Tracy Cassels from Evolutionary Parenting, a parenting website out of the US. We’ve linked to this article with permission of the writer and would encourage you to browse this excellent site if you get a chance.

Book Review – Poor Eaters by Dr Joel Macht

This book is written by Dr Joel Macht, an educational psychologist from the US, and documents what he has experienced over several years working with 200 children with eating problems. Dr Macht talks about creating an individual plan for each child, and acknowledges that what worked for one family may not work for another as each child is different and must be approached individually.

Christmas Photo Competition Winners 2012

Congratulations to the following three mums and bubs for winning their categories! Each received a copy of Reflux Reality (or Colic Solved where they already had the first one!). Thanks to everyone else who entered. We had a fantastic response and a very tricky time picking the winners!! But here they are:

Indoor activities for rainy days

The recent rainy weather in Queensland and New South Wales inspired a Facebook post for suggestions for rainy day indoor activities. Those ideas (plus a few more) are below! Enjoy!

Reflux and Sleep

This article should probably be titled ‘Reflux and Lack of Sleep’, as many refluxers experience both day and night time sleeping problems. Indeed lack of sleep is one of the main causes of distress for parents of refluxers and can put immense strain on your relationship with your child, partner, family and friends. It is helpful to start by clarifying what is ‘normal’ sleep behaviour and I use that term quite loosely, as every child is very different.

Infant GORD Conference, Brisbane – April 20

Please join us for a detailed and comprehensive educational event on Infant Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease. This event will cover all aspects of this common disease from recognition of symptoms, to general management strategies, surgical techniques, food allergy-related conditions and complications related to poor or difficult disease management.

RISA information for printing

Here’s the standard RISA brochure that will be distributed to Child Health Care centres and alike to help parents identify whether to seek further help for a child displaying symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. Please feel free to download, print and distribute. They are intended for an Australian audience but RISA does accept international membership and often helps international parents via email.

Feed refusers – strategies and options

Managing a feed refuser can be a tough assignment and quite exhausting work. And everyone has their bit of advice to give. Its made that bit more tricky with kids who are also allergic or intolerant to a variety of foods so please take all of these hints and tips with a grain of salt and consult your doctors / dieticians and other medical professionals with regard to new foods that might be an issue for your child. Please also take into consideration the developmental milestones of your child.