President’s address to International Congress of Paediatrics

There’s a gap in the knowledge landscape of health care professionals about childhood gastrointestinal disease not only in Australia, but internationally. We know it’s an international knowledge gap because mums with reflux babies talk from all corners of the globe, in order to stay sane. We know what we each go through and how little is universally known about this condition.

In part, this gap exists because knowledge and technology have moved quickly and much more is known today about gastro-intestinal disease in children than was known even a few years ago. Paediatric gastroenterology is a relatively young field and what paediatric gastroenterologists and surgeons know hasn’t yet been able to find it’s way to many of those who care for very young children. Which is understandable.

Why Google your health questions when you can “Cochrane” them?

Have you ever been to the doctor and been confronted with a treatment you knew nothing about and an explanation that left you just as confused? How do you decide which treatment is best for you? What are a treatment’s harms, benefits and objectives? If you have ever struggled with any of these questions, please consider visiting the Cochrane Collaboration’s Library (

Reflux & Sensory Processing

Sensory processing difficulties appear to be common for children with reflux. Approximately 51% of children with reflux also present with a major feeding difficulty such as food refusal, food selectivity, dysphagia or poor oral motor skills. It is interesting to note that 93% of feeding difficulties are found to result from a combination of organic causes (such as reflux) and secondary behavioural characteristics (such as avoiding meal times).

Amy and Maggie’s Story

I still remember the first time my daughter had her first little vomit in her bassinet at the hospital. As a first time mum, I was calling the nurse and asking if she was ok, could she be choking and what should I do to help her? I just kept receiving those reassuring smiles that said, ‘everything is ok and this is normal’.

To our families and friends

This page is intended to provide some ideas for family and friends as to how they can support a family caring for a baby or child with reflux. Over time, we’ve collected a few ideas and listed some of them here to give you some practical suggestions. Attached is a letter to families and friends to help explain what’s happening and give ideas on how best to help.

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