RISA Inc Who’s Who 2017:

President – Susan Polson

Vice-president – Sarah Auld

Secretary – Maddy Black

Treasurer – Gabi Simpson

Management Committee

Susan Polson, Sarah Auld, Maddy Black, Gabi Simpson, Rebekah Butchard, Natasha Ratcliff, Moniek Borsovszky, Julie Armstrong, Karen Watson, Reanne Uremovic, Chin Yim Chim Henschke, Hayley Stanford, Joanne Matthews, Jess Finlan

Administration Team:

Email Secretary – Natasha Ratcliff

Vice-Treasurer – Rebekah Butchard

Mail redirection – Gabi Simpson

Membership and facebook welcome – Erica Thompson

Colunteer coordinators – Claire Crompton and Moniek Borsovszky

Contact coordinators – Bree Craig and Moniek Borsovszky

Contact team – Rebecca Lester, Moniek Borsovszky, Reanne Uremovic, Jess Finlan, Bree Craig, Chin Yim Chim Henschke, Kate Moree, Susan Polson and more

Advocacy Coordinator – Jen Tidboald

Advocacy Team – Joanne Matthews, Chin Yim Chim Henschke, Cynthia Mortensen, Sarah Auld and Plum Stone

Welfare Coordinators – Kate Moore and Chin Yim Chim Henschke

Welfare Team – Gabi Simpson, Maddy Black, Natasha Ratcliff, Chin Yim Chim Henschke, Reanne Uremovic, Karen Watson, Belinda Salter, Kate Moore and Susan Polson

Bank signatories – Gabi Simpson, Rebekah Butchard, Natasha Ratcliff, Sarah Auld, Raechel McLucas, Susan Polson, Karen Watson

Website Manager – Nicole Ireland

Website Administration – Sasha Tranter and Sonya Ayres

RISA Facebook admin – Cynthia Mortensen, Rebecca Lester, Gabi Simpson, Natasha Ratcliff, Susan Polson, Sarah Auld, Maddy Black,

Facebook public page – Rebecca Lester and Jess Finlan

Complex needs facebook group admin – Maddy Black, Amy Da Pra, Reanne Uremovic, Gabi Simpson, Karen Watson and Natasha Ratcliff

Dads of Reflux Kids facebook group admin – David Edwards

Local Facebook groups coordinator – Erin Powell

Local Facebook group administrators –

  • Regional – Susan
  • Wollongong – Kate Moore
  • Canberra – Natasha Ratcliff
  • Western Australia –  Kelly Lockey
  • Adelaide – Hayley Sandford
  • Melbourne – Trina Coulson
  • Brisbane – Belinda Menzies and Sasha Tranter
  • Central Coast – Karen Watson and Erin Powell
  • Sydney East/Inner West – Gabi Simpson
  • Sydney/St George – Outstanding
  • Sydney West and Lower Blue Mountains – Outstanding
  • Northern NSW – outstanding

Brochure distribution – Amy Wilshusen

Reflux Reality distributor – Katie Gale

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