Children’s Books Available for Borrowing from RISA Library

As our children grow older and continue to experience food allergies and/or complications from reflux such as tube feeding, it can be hard for them to understand why they are different. There are a number of children’s books that have been written about food allergies, eosinophilic oesophagitis (EE) and feeding tubes. RISA Inc has been able to source some of these books and they are available to borrow for free from our library (for Australian RISA members).

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Book review – What’s Eating Your Child? by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND

This book is simply awesome. Get it and read it. Its available from the RISA library but I thoroughly recommend buying it.

In fact, if you’re a reflux parent, I’d be keeping a copy of this, Reflux Reality and Colic Solved on the shelf. And use the regular baby books to prop up the cot!

Read on for information about alternative treatments to reflux medications, appetite stimulation and long term use of laxatives.

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Book Review – Poor Eaters by Dr Joel Macht

This book is written by Dr Joel Macht, an educational psychologist from the US, and documents what he has experienced over several years working with 200 children with eating problems. Dr Macht talks about creating an individual plan for each child, and acknowledges that what worked for one family may not work for another as each child is different and must be approached individually.

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Book Review – Acid Reflux in Infants and Children

This book was published in 2004 and again in 2007. The 2007 version is vastly updated and I think much more useful. It contains some excellent chapters in Part 3 of the book called “Discussions from Experts in the Field”.

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The Library

Library titles available to members on reflux, breastfeeding, feeding and diet, crying, high needs babies, eosinophilic oesophagitis, food allergy and intolerance, general parenting, health & sleep issues.

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Library titles on food allergy and intolerance

RISA library titles on food allergies and intolerances

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Library titles on sleep

RISA library titles on sleep issues

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Library titles on general parenting

Library titles on general parenting

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Library titles – Children’s Books

Library title about eosinophilic oesophagitis

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Library titles on crying, high needs babies

RISA library titles about crying, high needs babies.

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Library titles on Health

General health titles in the RISA library

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Library titles on Breastfeeding, Feeding and Diet

Titles on feeding, breastfeeding, diet, breast refusal and more…

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Library titles on reflux

Library books available to borrow from the RISA library.

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Library Catalogue

Borrow from the RISA Inc library by becoming a member!

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Why not have a look at RISA Inc’s own publication Reflux Reality by Glenda Blanch?Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families


Library titles on: Reflux | Breastfeeding, Feeding and DietCrying, High Needs Babies | Children’s Books Food allergy / intolerance | General Parenting | Health | Sleep


Category – Reflux

100 Questions & Answers about GERD; David L Burns & Neeral L Shah; 2007
Summary – provides patient and doctor perspectives on people suffering from GERD. Answers 100 of the most common questions about GERD

Acid Reflux in Infants & Children. A practical guide for parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers; Tracy & Mike Davenport; 2007 **NEW addition to library
Summary – this guide provides breaking news about acid reflux, how to research for success, ways to best work with medical professionals, how difficult this illness may be, possible health implications, most common medications and how nutrition and allergies may impact (US book)

Colic Solved: The Essential Guide to Infant Reflux and the Care of Your Crying, Difficult-to-soothe Baby; Bryan Vartabedian; 2007
Summary – Practical advice about the hidden epidemic of reflux (often misdiagnosed as colic), and how to make your baby happy again (US book)

Feeding problems in infants with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: A controlled study (article); B Mathisen, L Worrall, J Masel, C Wall, RW Shepherd; 1999

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and the Breastfed Baby (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Major revision 2008

Indigestion Heartburn (booklet); The Gut Foundation; 2003

Life on the Reflux Roller Coaster; Roni McLean and Jean McNeil; 2003
Summary – Details the story of one family’s battle with a baby who suffered from GORD (US book)

Making life better for a baby with acid reflux; Tracy & Mike Davenport; 2004
Summary – A resource to improving the quality of life for a reflux baby, written by the parents of a reflux baby (US book)

Managing Acid Reflux (3rd edition) (booklet); Kate Gilbert Udall; 2011

Nutritional Management of Regurgitation in Infants (article); Vandenplas; 1998

Pediatric Home Care For Nurses: A Family-Centered Approach; Wendy L. Votroube; 2010 **NEW addition to library
Summary – This textbook is perfect for either students or for supporting pediatric nurses practicing in a home-care setting. The text includes a variety of nursing information (textbook)

Reflux 101; Jan Gambino; 2008
Summary – Practical, parent-tested tips on caring for your infant, toddler or child with reflux (US book)

Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families; Glenda Blanch /RISA Inc; 2010 Highly Recommended
Summary – Covers all aspects of caring for children who have GORD. Written by Glenda Blanch, long-term RISA member, with contributions from RISA members (Australian book)

The Reflux Book: A Parent’s Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux; Beth Pulsifer-Anderson; 2007
Summary – Covers all aspects of caring for children who have GORD. Written by the Director of the Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association (PAGER) (US book)

The sleep patterns of infants and young children with gastro-oesophageal reflux (article from Paediatric Child Health magazine); M Ghaem, KL Armstrong, O Trocki, GJ Cleghorn, MK Patrick, RW Shepherd; 1998

Treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in adults & children; (booklet); The Gut Foundation Health; 2004


Category – Breastfeeding / Feeding / Diet


Breastfeeding: your premature baby (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding: and crying babies (booklet): Australian Breastfeeding Association

Coping with Breast Refusal (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association

Feeding problems in infants with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: A controlled study (article); B Mathisen, L Worrall, J Masel, C Wall, RW Shepherd; 1999

Finicky Eaters – What To Do When Kids Won’t Eat!; Lori Ernsperger & Tania Stegen-Hanson; 2005 ** NEW addition to the library
Summary – practical and contemporary approach to helping children who are problem eaters

Food for Under Fives; Rosemary Stanton Diet; 1992
Summary – Answers questions about young children’s eating patterns and needs

Fussy Babies; Joan Breakey; 2010 Highly Recommended
Summary – Practical advice on the introduction of solids, eating development and food sensitivity

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and the Breastfed Baby (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Major revision 2008

Introducing Solids (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Feeding Major revision 2009

Just Take a Bite: Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges; Lori Ernsperger and Tania Stegen-Hanson; 2004 **NEW addition to library
Summary – Practical and contemporary approach to helping children who are problem eaters.

Learning to Bake Allergen Free; Colette Martin; 2012
Summary – This book contains manageable lessons on how to learn to cook allergen free. Written by a mother who had to relearn how to cook with her son being diagnosed with food allergies.

Love Me Feed Me – The Adoptive Parent’s Guide to ending the worry about weight, picking eating, power struggles and more; Katja Rowell; 2012 **NEW addition to library

Milk Allergy and Intolerance in Infants and Children (booklet); The Gut Foundation Health; 2003

More Peas Please: Solutions for feeding fussy eaters; Kate Di Palma & Dr Julie Cichero Diet; 2009 Highly Recommended
Summary – Provides nutritious solutions for fussy eaters, as well as strategies to overcome eating battles

New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner; Annabel Karmel; 2004
Summary – Over 200 quick, easy and healthy recipes. Includes first foods, weaning and toddlers.

Nutritional Management of Regurgitation in Infants (article); Vandenplas et al;; 1998

Poor Eaters: Helping Children Who Refuse to Eat; Joel Macht; 1990 Highly Recommended
Summary – Insight into the environmental, interactive, and physiologic origins of childhood eating behaviours

Solid start; Annie Opray; 2003
Summary – Advice and recipes for starting your baby on solids

The Simplified Elimination Diet booklet and Salicylates, Amines & Glutamates (booklet); Anne Swain, Robert Loblay and Velencia Soutter Diet; 1997

Tolerating Troublesome Foods; Joan Breakey; 2012 **NEW addition to library
Summary – Advice on how to make your elimination diet easier using the Best Guess Food Guide

Yum!: Top Tips For Feeding Babies and Kids with Allergies; Barbara Dennison, Fiona Wedding & Preeti Joshi; 2013 **NEW addition to library
Summary – Containing basic advice for anyone trying to manage an allergy, including: the medical facts about allergies and anaphaylaxis; practical tips for caring for a child with an allergy (for every age and stage, from babies to teens); how to shop for a child with an allergy; 100 easy-to-follow recipes.

4 Ingredients (Allergies); Kim McCosker; 2013 **NEW addition to library
Summary – A collection of recipes free of these 9 common allergens and was written to satisfy an ever-increasing market demand for allergy-free recipes.



Category – Crying/high need babies

100 Ways to Calm the Crying; Pinky McKay; 2002
Summary – addresses the reasons babies cry and offers gentle strategies

Calming Your Fussy Baby: The Brazelton Way; T. Berry Brazelton and Joshua D Sparrow; 2003
Summary – Covers how to interpret different cries and respond in the most appropriate and effective way

Crying Babies & Beyond the ins and outs & ups and downs; Dr Renee Shilkin; 2010
Summary – Book gives information in relation to reflex, language development, Eustachian tube irritation as a cause of excessive crying, sleeping and feeding problems

Crying Baby: How to cope!; Pat Gray; 1988
Summary – Contains stories of how other parents coped with their crying infants, and covers why some babies cry excessively and what can be done to help them

Parenting the Fussy Baby and High Need Child; William Sears & Martha Sears, 1996 ** NEW addition to library
Summary – Creative ways to soothe a fussy baby, survival tips for parents and use of responsive parenting

The Fussy Baby: How to bring out the best in your high need child; Dr William Sears; 1987
Summary – Covers how to cope with a high need baby so that both you and your baby benefit

The Happiest Baby on the Block; Harvey Karp; 2003
Summary – Covers ways to calm your crying baby

When Your Baby Cries: 10 rules for soothing fretful babies and their parents; Deborah Jackson; 2004
Summary – Ten ways to care for even the most distressed baby, while looking after your own needs as well as boosting your confidence

Why Is My Baby Crying? (booklet); Australian Breastfeeding Association; Major revision 2005

Your Fussy Baby; Marc Weissbluth; 2003
Summary – Advice on helping fussy, sensitive babies to become happier


Category – Children’s Books

A Day In the Life of a Tube Fed Boy (Children’s Book); Rhiannon Merritt-Rubadue; 2011
Summary – This matter-of-fact story answers the parent’s question “how do I help my child feel okay about their feeding tube?” **NEW addition to library

A Day In the Life of a Tube Fed Girl (Children’s Book); Rhiannon Merritt-Rubadue; 2011
Summary – This matter-of-fact story answers the parent’s question “how do I help my child feel okay about their feeding tube?” **NEW addition to library

Being Henry (Children’s Book); Mercedez Hinchcliff; 2012
Summary – based on a true story about an energetic 4 year old boy living with Eosinophilic oEsophagitis **NEW addition to library

Meet Arabella (Children’s Book) Sarah Gray; 2011
Summary – tells the story of Arabella who undergoes tests (endoscopy) and is diagnosed with eosinophilic oesophagitis

Jeremy’s Cake (Children’s Book); Bethany Tucker; 2002
Summary – Tells the story of Jeremy the Wallaby who is going to a birthday party by himself for the first time and has to be careful to manage his food allergies

Parties Make Me Sick (Children’s Book); Rae Paterson & Judy McKechnie; 1983
Summary – Children’s book about children who have food allergies

There’s More Than One Way To Eat!

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Reflux Reality Testimonials

Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback on the book. Here’s some first hand parent testimonials about how its helped:

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